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If you are interested in getting married in St Mark’s Church, please get in touch with the vicar, Revd Andy Bull, on 0161 406 6552 or email He will arrange to meet you for a discussion. 

Frequently asked questions

Why get married in church?
Wherever you choose to get married, you make a public declaration of life-long commitment to love each other faithfully and you take on a new legal status as husband and wife. If you choose to get married in church, there is the added dimension of showing that you desire and welcome God’s involvement too. Including God in your marriage doesn’t mean that you will avoid all the usual ups and downs, but you will know that you can look to God for help and guidance and know that God’s love is available to sustain you. You will also have the support and encouragement of the Christian Church family.

Can we get married in St Mark’s Church?
Thanks to a new law, there is now more choice about which church you are able to get married in. If one of you has what’s known as a qualifying connection (e.g. baptised in the church, live or have lived in the parish, etc.) then you would be able to get married at St Mark’s Church. However, if you do not have one of these connection, you may still be able to marry at St Mark’s if you are willing to commit to worshipping with us regularly for a period of 6 months.

What if one of us is divorced?
The Church of England teaches that marriage is for life. It also recognizes that some marriages sadly do fail and, if this should happen, it seeks to be available for all involved. The Church accepts that, in exceptional circumstances, a divorced person may marry again in church. If you are divorced and are wondering about the possibility of having your wedding at St Mark’s Church, you should in the first instance arrange to discuss this with the vicar.

What are the legal requirements?
Unless you are getting married by Common or Special Licence, the normal way is to have your banns read out in church on three Sundays during the three months before your wedding. The banns must be read in the parish where each of you lives as well as the church in which you are to be married if that is in another parish. Couples usually try to attend church to hear their banns read.

How much will it cost?
The cost of a marriage in 2013 is £441.00. This covers reading the banns, the marriage service and a certificate of marriage. Optional extras include such things as an organist and bell ringers.


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